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Delfins-Design GmbH

Delfins-Design GmbH is a young, dynamic company, which has established itself in the area of multi-level marketing. Our slogan is “Schönheit und Wohlbefinden schenken” (For beauty and well-being).

After an intensive preparation phase, we began our distribution system Delfins-Design GmbH on 20 September 2014 and have two winning special features in our marketing plan:

1.) Marketing plan:
Every new-comer has the opportunity to select which variation (sales or group organisation) he/she would like.


2.) Our extensive range:
Delfins-Design GmbH has specialised in the effects of magnets, which can relieve pain and stimulate blood flow. Every year we expand our selection of magnetic jewellery, and in doing so offer jewellery ranging from very elegant to sporty, to jewellery suitable for every-day wear. Additionally, we also offer a large selection of magnetic bandages with tourmaline, a combination which was not available in Austria up to now



The quality of our products is of greatest interest.
With the magnetic jewellery we only use high-quality stainless steel (silver and nickel-free). This means our entire jewellery collection is also suitable for allergy sufferers.  

High-quality magnets are worked into the bandages, which are also fitted with tourmaline fabric. Tourmaline is used for heat therapy to be even more effective against inflammation and to support the healing process even more efficiently.

Besides supplying a wide range of products, forging a close relationship with your consultants is also a serious desire in order to be able to help them as well as possible with their plans for successful self-employment.

For this reason, Delfins-Design GmbH also offers help with trade fair participation in the form of renting out various product packages, joint financing of trade fair stand costs and advertising material. Furthermore, the company team is always keen to hear the wishes, questions, suggestions and complaints.

We decided to have a multi-level marketing strategy because there are still some advantages of this form of marketing. On the one hand, becoming a consultant is low risk without needing to invest a lot, on the other hand, the free time-planning is often a very important aspect. The trend of having a second job continues to grow strongly, and many mothers with school- age children, who are unable to take a permanent job, are on the lookout for an additional source of income. The direct marketing sector offers superb opportunities for building up a small own business on the side from home.

We offer you financial independence so that you can fulfil your wishes, dreams and goals.



Product catalogue and flyer

Here you can find out more about the details and content of our products!


Katalog download auf die Bilder klicken!


Magnetic jewellery

The magnetic jewellery from the company Delfins-Design GmbH has several magnets with a total of 2000 gauss. The Power Heart has 3000 gauss and the Power Magnet has even 3500 gauss! The magnetic jewellery is made from stainless steel and is silver and nickel-free.

General information about magnetic jewellery
A lot of things that are good for our body also look good and have a positive effect on the body and spirit. From discreet bracelets to eye-catching and dramatic rings, from traditional chains to earrings - the Delfins-Design GmbH collections make the right impression at the right time. They impress through their top-class manufacturing quality and naturally also through their positive effect, because the appearance of the amazing magnetic jewellery is a question of taste and workmanship.

Side effects
In rare cases, the magnet can tingle, trigger wild dreams or nausea. Shortening the wear time at the beginning to only a few hours and by drinking more water, which detoxifies the body, can effectively counteract these possible effects/symptoms. After a short time, the majority of the magnetic jewellery pieces can be worn all day. There is a type of “habituation effect”.

Magnetic fields
The secret of life is not somewhere in space - to a large extent it is in the Earth’s magnetic field. This gigantic force field feeds our personal biomagnetic field. It ensures that the energy flows in our body. This is one point that connects all living things - but still there are slight differences, which clearly demonstrate why animals react much more to magnetic energy.

WATER is energy that flows. It is an important element, which transports nutrients within our body and helps it eliminate toxic substances. Water regulates our whole life. We need 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day to keep the body healthy. Water is our ELIXIR OF LIFE! The water in a glass or jug can be magnetised using a magnetic bar, whether you are at home or on the road. Refreshing and concentrated energy for day-to-day well-being. Try adding a water rod to your cup of tea - after only a few minutes you will find it tastes softer and more pleasant. These important life accessories are great as small presents; ideal gifts for the body and health-conscious person

“Heart for all occasions”
The magnet heart works whether it is visible or not - a companion for the whole day. Two parts, which are both decorative and also have a huge effect. By positioning the heart directly at the desired point, you can use the magnetic power very specifically.

Notes on wearing
The jewellery does not need to be worn day and night. Just wearing it for a few hours is sufficient. Caution People with a pacemaker must not wear jewellery containing magnets.

The right of return is 14 days from the purchase date. After 30 days, 10% will be deducted from the purchase price. In other cases, the guarantee covers material and manufacturing faults.

Care of the jewellery
We recommend that the jewellery is removed when showering, swimming or during housework involving water or other liquids. Perfumes, creams, deos, hairsprays or detergents can also lead to visual damage. A jewellery polishing cloth and luke warm water will clean the jewellery very well.

Magnetism is an important part of our LIFE!

People are subjected to magnetic powers throughout their entire lives. Starting with the magnetic field of the planet, there are so many magnetic fields stressing our bodies in our everyday lives. Magnetic therapy is applied here and attempts to use local magnetic fields to re-establish the ionic balance.


Our HOSTS receive 10% of the total sales

Advantages for you and your guests

Test the effect of our power magnets without obligation during your PRESENTATION! The majority of people react within this time period.

You and your guests can sense and feel the effect of the magnetic field right there and then. Convince yourself of the beauty, diversity and effect of our jewellery.

Furthermore, during your party your guest can select how they would like to receive the article she would like: Order or pay directly in cash or by card.

Our customers have a 30-day money-back guarantee, and therefore can purchase without any risk! After receiving the goods there is a 1 year GUARANTEE with the invoice for the purchased article! The greater the sales figures - the more BENEFITS for your as a hostess!

For a further booking made as a result of your party, you as hostess will receive an additional product of your choice on the date at a 30 % discount!

Interested in a magnetic jewellery party?

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  • Freie Zeiteinteilung
  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten
  • Mehr Zeit für die Familie 
  • Geringe Investitionen
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  • Einmal erreichte Provisionsstufe bleibt erhalten
  • Aufgebaute Gruppe verlieren sie nie
  • Unterstützung von der Firma 
  • Hilfestellung auch durch ein geschultes Team
  • Einkommen durch Verkäufe und Provisionen der Gruppe
  • Angebote der Firma – verschiedene Schulungen (freiwillig - kein Zwang) – kostenlos
  • Hilfestellung auch bei Behördenwegen

ob hauptberuflich oder nebenberuflich beides ist möglich!



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Magnetisiertes Wasser ist erfrischender, vitalisierend und schmeckt viel besser. Es ist ein wichtiges Element, das Nährstoffe in unseren Körper transportiert und dabei hilft Schadstoffe auszuscheiden. Wasser reguliert unser Leben. Mit gutem Wasser sollen wir stets unseren Flüssigkeitshaushalt auffüllen.

Der Wasserstab hilft bei Neurodermitis, verschiedenen Hautproblemen, Verstopfungen, kleinen epileptischen Anfällen bei unseren Haustieren, usw

Auch zum Entkalken der Kaffeemaschine sind die Wasserstäbe sehr gut geeignet.


Power- Magnet / Einsatzbereiche:
Er wirkt hervorragend auch bei SEHR starken Schmerzen wie Wirbelsäulen-oder Bandscheibenproblemen, Gelenksschmerzen, Migräne, Rheuma, Arthrose, Arthritis und Gicht.

Den besten Erfolg erzielen Sie mit unserem Power-Magnet ( 3500Gauss), wenn er direkt am Schmerzpunkt getragen wird. Bei Migräne ist der ideale Tragepunkt der Nacken.

Trinken Sie sehr viel Wasser, um Ihren Körper zu reinigen!

Er sieht gut aus und wirkt positiv auf Geist und Körper.Die Kollektion von Delfins setzt die richtigen Akzente zum richtigen Zeitpunkt. Sie glänzt durch Ihre erstklassige Verarbeitungsqualität und natürlich durch Ihre positive Wirkung. Das Aussehen des tollen Magnetschmucks ist eine Frage des Geschmacks und der Verarbeitung.Tragehinweis: Der Schmuck muss nicht Tag und Nacht getragen werden. Es genügt bereits einige Stunden am Tag!

Unsere Bandagen bestehen aus Turmalin und Magnete!

regt den Stoffwechsel und das Immunsystem an, stärkt die Funktion der Nieren und Blase, regeneriert Zellen, Gewebe und Organe, hilfreich bei chronischen Verspannungen und Hautkrankheiten, fördert die Durchblutung.

Gibt mehr Energie, aktiviert die Selbstheilungskräfte, Stress kann besser abgebaut werden, bessere Blutzirkulation - Blutkörperchen „entklumpen“ sich und können wieder mehr Sauerstoff aufnehmen.


Firmen-Wortlaut: Delfins-Design GmbH
Geschäftsführerin der Firma:​ Michaela Bergmann
Firmensitz: Thavonweg 20, 2301 Oberhausen
Geschäftszweig: Direktvertrieb eigener Produkte
Handelsgericht: Gänserndorf
Gewerbewortlaut: Handel mit Waren aller Art

Firmenbuchnummer: FN387194d
Firmnebuchgericht: Landes-als Handelsgericht Korneuburg
2100 Korneuburg, Hauptplatz 18

UID-Nummer: ATU67554577

Mitgliedschaft bei der WKONÖ + WKÖ
Inhaber: Elisabeth Auer 100% Geschäftsanteile

Telefon: +43 676 319 43 99


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