Customer information about magnetic jewellery

Magnetic jewellery can, if worn regularly, help you achieve a life with more energy and less pain, and can be used for a variety of existing symptoms or as prophylaxis:

                   Nervous coughs

                   Skin diseases
                   Tennis elbow

                   Blood pressure level compensation

States of anxiety
Bronchial complaints
Sleep disorders
Menstruation complaints
Whiplash injury
Cardio-pulmonary problems
Slipped disc
Menopausal complaints
Joint pain
Rheumatoid arthritis


The jewellery is made of stainless steel, in which one or more magnets are embedded. In individual cases we also offer magnetic jewellery with copper.

The magnetic effects penetrate the skin to our blood and in doing so improve the blood circulation. The red blood cells “unclump” and can take up more oxygen again. Therefore, the blood can also flow into the narrowest vessels again. The body is once again supplied with more oxygen and nutrients.

Toxic substances are removed from the cells faster, the cell metabolism improves and the healing process is activated. Our powers of self-healing are stimulated, stress can be released better, the person has less pain, can sleep better and has simply more ENERGY. Migraine patients have fewer attacks, back pain is less intense, sleep problems improve, depression is reduced, hyperactivity is positively influenced, rheumatism and gout pains are reduced. And as a result of all this, the dosage of the pain killers taken can be permanently reduced.

In addition, copper has an anti-inflammatory effect with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Modern magnetic therapy is increasingly the focus of interest for getting the self-healing process under way in the case of chronic suffering. It has also been used successfully to promote healing in animals. With magnetic jewellery, you can spread some happiness at many different occasions (Mother’s Day, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, wedding anniversary, etc.) and at the same time give a little bit of well-being during a hectic time. (Exceptions are people with pacemakers) You can find further information in the book “Mehr Energie”

IMPORTANT: Magnetic jewellery does not replace MEDICAL ADVICE