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Shoulder Tourmaline-magnet bandage

49,00 € : B-04

Shoulder Tourmaline-magnet bandageShoulder
Material: Neoprene tourmaline magnets
Material is breathable and soft on the skin.
Size:    Universal
Colour:    Black

-) Arthritis
-) Pain during over-exertion
-) Supports healing of sports injuries such as bruises swelling strains
-) Promotes blood circulation

How it works:
The neoprene shoulder bandage supports the shoulder offering it stability and protection.
It offers a heat and compression therapy and increases blood flow to this area thereby improving flexibility and movement both during sport and in everyday life.

-) Using a prolonged heat therapy at the affected site is a simple and rapid means of treatment.
-) Heat therapy promotes healing by dilating the small blood vessels increases blood flow and facilitates healing of inflammations.
-) Heat therapy helps your body to boost its natural healing process.
-) At the start: Wear for 15-20 min 3-4x per day (you will need to get used to the heat and tingling) afterwards you can extend the wearing period for as long as you would like.

Tourmaline: Stimulates the metabolism and the immune system strengthens kidney and bladder function regenerates the cells tissues and organs helps in the case of chronic tension and skin diseases – promotes blood flow.

Magnets: More energy activate the powers of self-healing better stress relief improved blood circulation – blood cells entklumpen “unclump” and can take up more oxygen again.

People with pacemakers must not wear this under any circumstance!
Pregnant women children and high blood pressure patients can use it at their own risk. This product is not a medical device.