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Magnet - Creole heart

39,00 € : D-0068

Magnet - Creole heartCreole - Heart

Material: Stainless steel
               Silver and nickel-free
               Very light

Magnet: North Pole

Magnet strength: 2000 gauss
                        1 magnet/earring

Size: Length: 1.5  cm       Width: 1.3 cm

Surface: Shiny with 5 zirconia - stones on one side

Excellent effect via the acupuncture points
The collection from Delfins makes the right impression at the right time. It impresses with its top-class manufacturing quality and naturally through its positive effect. The appearance of the amazing magnetic jewellery is a question of taste and workmanship.

Notes on wearing:
The jewellery does not need to be worn day and night. A few hours during the day are sufficient.

Care of the jewellery:
We recommend that the jewellery is removed when showering swimming or during housework involving water or other liquids. Detergents deos creams perfumes and hairsprays can cause damage.

A jewellery polishing cloth and lukewarm water will clean the jewellery very well.

People with pacemakers must not wear this under any circumstance!