Wellness Bandages

Our range of bandages is made up of the following products:

Neck support, shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, waist, knee and ankle  
Material: Neoprene, tourmaline, magnets Size and colour: various sizes and colours  

Bandages help your body to boost its natural healing process. To begin with, wear for only a relatively short period but several times a day. In this way, the body has the chance to get used to the tingling and heat.  

How it works:  

stimulates metabolism and the immune system, reinforces kidney and bladder function, promotes blood flow  

gives more energy, activates the self-healing processes, better stress relief  

People with pacemakers must not wear this under any circumstance! Pregnant women and high blood pressure patients can use it at their own risk.

These products are not medical devices!  

Care: Handwash at up to 30 °C, no fabric conditioner.